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Craig Harker decided to live on just £1 a day for a week. After an MP suggested people could make meals for just 30 pence. But it wasn’t easy, requiring lots of research, budgeting and resourcefulness. Craig is used to spending £200 a week on food, so the overhaul to his diet made him lost almost 4kg. But it wasn’t a healthy diet. He was forced to stock up on carbs and avoid luxuries like meat, dairy and vegetables. One day of food consisted of a porridge sachet, cup of tea, rice and curry sauce and a spag bowl he made from a free fast food burger. “No one in the UK or Western World should live like this. This experience has made me feel really grateful and appreciate what I’ve got and it has taught me a lot of lessons I’ll be implementing into my life moving forward.”

Image: Craig Hunter

Did you remember to vote on Saturday? Some people even rocked up to vote in their underwear! Aussie brand Budgy Smugglers launched a competition to win a free pair if you post a photo or yourself voting in your undies!

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