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Mike is in the market for a new pizza cooker. He’s heard raving reviews of those pizza stones that you can put on the grill or on the Webber to get a woodfire effect, so he headed to Bunnings to check them out. He narrowed down his options to three different stones. As he inspected the images and the descriptions of the back of their packaging he thought that this wasn’t going to cut it.

“I wanted to have a look. I wanted to see it and feel the texture… so I thought ‘do I open the box?’ ”

That’s when he noticed that someone else, probably another customer, had already opened one of the pizza stone boxes. So, because the packaging had already been compromised, he felt like he could take a peek. Which worked out well for Mike, after seeing that pizza stone he decided that one was perfect for him and bought it.

But it seems like Mike was a little insecure about his decision to take a peek as he asked for The Family’s opinion on the matter on The Brekky Show this morning.

Kirste is totally in favour of a sneak peek. “I admit I like to look. A photo is one thing, sometimes the quality isn’t as good as you think. But I do it gently! So that I can put it back together after.” While Corey does NOT think it’s appropriate. “would you do it with a box of lego?”, he asked. ” ‘Oh I just want to see if it builds alright?’…no!”

So the discussion went back and forth and Mike suggested maybe you can do it with some products and not others. “If it was taped up I wouldn’t have opened it.” Kirste agreed, warning that if you can’t put it back together nicely so the store can still sell it, you shouldn’t open it.

But Corey stood firm “I hope store owners ring up and chastise you”.

Have a listen to the whole chat below:

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