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Allan Tranter from Creating Communities is a champion for developing spaces where people can get connected into healthy community. And he doesn’t just preach this, he lives it too. 

This morning on Brekky, Allan joined Kirste and Morro and offered 2 great tips that will help your desire to be connected.

Tip 1. Practice a happy face

Never underestimate the power of looking people in the eyes and smiling. Look at their children too; their dog. When you show the things that have meaning to them respect, you immediately establish connection. But be prepared to be the person who makes a fool out of yourself. You might need to say “sorry” now and then, but that’s okay, because sorry is an international word.

When you start to smile regularly, you begin to develop a happy default face. That’s good!

Tip 2. Take your private life into the public realm.

Don’t stay locked inside your castle all the time, take your life into public places and people will start to connect with that. Allan celebrated his grandson’s birthday recently in the local park. As people walked by, they joined in on the celebrating, began singing ‘Happy Birthday’. Begin to practice this and watch what happens.

You can hear the full interview with Allan below:


You can hear Allan on Brekky every Wednesday at 8:35 on Brekky

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