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Today we had the incredible privilege of hosting Prime Minister Scott Morrison on The Mornings Show with Mike! ScoMo is finishing up a 3-day visit to Perth to rally support for his new, fairer changes to GST laws.

But putting politics aside for a second, with his classic Mike Crichton charm, Mike broke the ice by asking ScoMo about his love affair with Tina Arena music. The PM is a fanatic for the Aussie star and could rattle off a whole bunch of information about her albums, songs and career.

Mike also asked about how he balances family and work in his new position, ScoMo shared that it’s simple, not always easy but simple; “honour the commitments you make to your family. If you promise your kids something, fulfill it. If you promise your wife something, fulfill it.”

Then, like any good politician, ScoMo finished up the conversation with his hopes for Australia and his goals in his new position.

Listen to the full chat here:

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