Preparing to Work From Home

Wednesday, February 16, 2022 3:16 pm
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With the rising number of Covid cases in WA, there is an increased likelihood of us needing to work from home at some point in the next 12 months.

Adrian Munro, CEO of Richmond Wellbeing, joined Mike to share some tips on protecting our mental health, with the anticipation of having to work from home. Adrian said,

“It’s important to do some forward-thinking and preparation about how we will promote good mental health for ourselves. As things change during the pandemic. Not only will this planning mean that we are more prepared and the pandemic may have a less negative impact on us. But thinking and planning in itself assist people to deal with uncertainty and the unknown.”

  1. Have a good work from home office set up: “I also have exercise gear there to continue to exercise.”
  2. Have a couple of DIY projects planned: Ensure you take a break from work!
  3. Strong social connections: don’t lose contact with those outside.
  4. Think about how you can help others: “We know that helping others and adding value to the lives of others is so good for our own mental health.”

Have you started working from home? Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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