2 Parents, 4 boys, 1 big Power Struggle | Dad Diaries

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 3:43 pm
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dad diaries power struggles rory shiner2 parents. 4 boys. Power struggle central. Dad Diaries is back for another term with Rory Shiner from Providence Church sharing some more dad-vice and fathering experiences.

You don’t want to win ugly, pulling the authorititive card. Yes, sometimes you have to play that card, but you don’t always want to be devising different punishments.

Rory and his wife have been working on a new strategy for these situations. Rory says the plan is “Give the instruction once then walk away. Firstly that gives them a sense of respect, they don’t feel like you’re breathing down their necks waiting for them to spring into action. Secondly if you’ve walked away, they can’t enter into a power struggle conversation. If this doesn’t work, our next tactic is to say, B isn’t going to happen until A gets done.

Catch Rory Shiner from Providence Church sharing his tactics with The brekky team below.

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