Meet Poncho the loveable crocodile

Monday, October 5, 2015 7:19 am
Reading Time: 1 minute


This is Poncho the docile and loveable crocodile, and that there next to him is Chito his best friend. 

20 years ago Chito saved Poncho after he was shot by a local farmer. Chito took him home in his fishing boat and nursed Poncho back to full health. This included letting Poncho sleep in his house with him, feeding him fish and chicken, and also chewing Poncho’s food for him.

After regaining full health, Chito and Poncho began swimming together and playing in the local rivers of Costa Rica. Poncho was so well trained, that not only would he allow Chito to kiss him, he would come when his name was called! The duo began to perform for audiences after drawing large crowds at their swims.


Sadly, four years ago, Poncho died of natural causes. He was given a ‘human’ style public funeral, marching down the streets of his local village. Chito can now be found rearing Poncho II.

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