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The Grand Final is coming up!  It seems a bit weird considering the Grand Final is usually on the very last weekend of September. But alas, the 2020 GF is in late October this year.

With everything that is going on in Melbourne, the AFL has to make a decision as to where the Grand Final is going to be played, and they have to make it soon.

If you’re not a die-hard AFL fan like Kirste and Mike are, there has been a pretty big “hoo-ha” over the last few months about the GF destination. Over the entire AFL history, the GF has only ever been played in Melbourne at the MCG, obviously because of the pandemic that can’t happen this year.

“They’re really hanging onto that”, Kirste laughed. “They’re really desperate not to let that go.”

“It’s not going to happen – move on”, Mike demanded.

The state government has officially put in a submission to host the entire GF series at Optus Stadium. WA is up against Queensland, but Mike and Kirste so strongly believe that Perth is the perfect city to host. Plus, all the games that have been played in Perth so far, have had really impressive attendance stats. No matter the wild, wet weather during the mid-week games, people are still rocking up!


Pitch WA to the AFL - Why should we host the Grand Final?


So Family, we’ve decided to back our government and put our submission forward to Gillon McLachlan, CEO of AFL! Help us sell WA to the AFL, send us your sales pitch as to why we should host the AFL Grand Final and we’ll submit the most persuasive argument to Gil!

Text us, email us or send us a message on socials.

Have a listen to the conversation that Brekky had this morning:

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