Pie Day Friday: Spag Bol and Cheese pie?

Friday, August 21, 2020 11:22 am
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It’s Friday and that means one thing: it’s PIE DAY!

Kirste is on a mission to find out the best, most creative concoctions that she can create in her Kmart Pie Maker. This all started a few months ago when Kmart debuted their incredibly cheap Pie Maker and Kirste fell head over heels in love with it. Each week Kirste and Mike will take suggestions from YOU, The Family, as to what they should fill the pie with. Then they’ll cook it up on The Breakfast Show and taste it!

This week’s pie filling idea comes from Dan. It’s a twist on a classic dinner; spag bol and cheese pie!

Kirste filled the pastry with spag bol from a frozen meal and topped it off with cheese. She was a little concerned that the filling could be watery from the frozen spaghetti. But to her delight, when she cut into the pie it wasn’t watery or goo-ey at all! The cheese and pasta blended perfectly together.

Pie Day Friday: Spag Bol and Cheese pie?

In the last few instalments of Pie Day Friday, Mike has only taken a single bite of the pie, refusing to taste anymore because “it was only ok”. However, this week was different… he ate the whole thing!

He even thought that this would make a perfect, lazy weekend dinner. “If you had spag bol leftovers, the kids would love this.”

“If you wanted to make it gourmet”, Kirste was getting creative, “you could have a seafood marinara!”

So well done Dan, Kirste and Mike gave your Pie Day Friday suggestion at 7.5/10.

Even though this was a good one, we still haven’t cracked that 10/10 rating. Do you have any ideas for Pie Day Friday? Text us, email us or send us a message on socials.


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