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It’s Friday and that means one thing: it’s PIE DAY!

Kirste is on a mission to find out the best, most creative concoctions that she can create in her Kmart Pie Maker. This all started a few months ago when Kmart debuted their incredibly cheap Pie Maker and Kirste fell head over heels in love with it. Each week Kirste and Mike will take suggestions from YOU, The Family, as to what they should fill the pie with. Then they’ll cook it up and taste it!

This week’s filling suggestion comes from one of our Instagram followers, @rgrsnll, he believes chicken, bacon, peanut butter and jam would make a pretty tasty pie. Unfortunately, Kirste forgot the bacon! So she substituted it with a bit of cheese. Bacon goes great on everything, cheese goes great on everything so surely it will be the same level of greasy goodness?

“I must admit,” Kirste looked concerned. “The inside looks like something my dog might have brought up when she’s eaten something she shouldn’t have.”

Mike went in for his first bite, there was an impressive crunch of pastry and after he let the flavours sit on his tongue for a few moments he was read to give his review. “It’s just ok… It’s different, it’s nice… I’m not going to go in for another bite.”

Kirste’s final remarks were that it was kind of like an “American style, sweet satay” as she continued to devour the whole thing! The Breakfast Duo came to the conclusion that this pie deserves a 5.5/10 rating.

Watch the taste test for yourself

Kirste and Mike are going to score the pies and keep a tally each week, so if you have a pie idea, let us know! You could help us create the next taste sensation. Text us or drop us a message on socials!

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