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It’s Friday and that means one thing: it’s PIE DAY!

Kirste is on a mission to find out the best, most creative concoctions that she can create in her Kmart Pie Maker. This all started a few months ago when Kmart debuted their incredibly cheap Pie Maker, Kirste absolutely fell in love with it and started raving about it to anyone that would listen. She started off making your traditional meat pies, fruit pies, and then she started getting a little more adventurous.

“I wonder if I could put last night’s leftovers in a pie?” she thought. And you know what she found out? You absolutely can!

Her creative juices starting flowing, her imagination ran wild thinking about possible pie filling combinations. This sparked her decision to declare Friday as Pie Day. Each week Kirste and Mike will take suggestions from YOU, The Family, as to what they should fill the pie with. Then they’ll cook it up and taste it!

Pie Day Friday : bananaavocado and tasty cheese

This week’s filling suggestion comes from one of our Instagram followers, @Gubsabel who submitted “banana and tasty cheese”. Now, Kirste decided to add a little extra twist (because when it’s your pie maker you can make the rules). In light of today being National Avocado Day, she added a slice of avo into the mix!

Pie Day Friday : bananaavocado and tasty cheese


So the official mix of Pie Day Friday, the 31st of July is banana, tasty cheese and avocado. Here is the first taste:

Kirste and Mike are going to score the pies and keep a tally each week, so if you have a pie idea, let us know! You could help us create the next taste sensation. Text us or drop us a message on socials!

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