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Our health and fitness expert Susanna Tan was back on The Breakfast Show again this morning. This time she taught us about the home office and body posture.

To nail perfect posture in your home office, Susanna says to look out for these four things.

When choosing a chair make sure it can bring you close enough to the desk.

Try not to get a chair with armrests. As they can hinder you from sitting close to your desk and cause you to slouch forward which causes bad posture. If you really want an armrest look for one with adjustable rests.

Check the tilt of your chair.

Don’t sit all the way back into your chair because this will again cause you to slouch forward. Most chairs have adjustable tilt, so tilt the chair down and forward slightly so that the weight of you body is on your feet, not your back.

Screen height.

The screen height of your computer screen needs to be in line with your eye level. So when you relax your eyes you are looking at the centre of the screen.

Taking breaks is also vital when working from a desk.

Take a 5-minute break every hour to make sure you give your body and eyes a rest. Do some stretches, go outside for a breath of fresh air or maybe just walk around your house.

Susanna is the Director and Principal Physiotherapist at Tweak Health, listen to her advice below:

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