A photo feast for your eyes: Epicurean, Crown Towers

Friday, January 13, 2017 3:16 pm
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Inex Palit | 98five blogger

It was day 3 of trading for the Epicurean restaurant at Crown Towers when we visited. My hubby and I were so excited to try different kinds of food there.


Even though Epicurean is located at the Crown Towers, there is a pathway that connects the building with Crown Perth. It’s very accessible, especially with plenty of free parking around the Crown Perth area. We saw some announcements on the wall saying a couple of shops will open soon at the Towers too.

The decoration and design of the room was definitely a big highlight. The whole restaurant looked really clean with gold accents throughout. I really loved their Charcuterie (and area of prepared meat products) and fresh seafood display located close to the entrance.

Near the desserts, there was a giant chocolate fondue tower filled with an unlimited amount of Java dark and white chocolate, which I was definitely going to try later on.

It’s very important to pace yourself and take small portions of different dishes. That way you’ll be able to try everything at the buffet.

And we basically did — from the front station (charcuterie, bread, seafood, salad), making our way through the Asian food, Indian food, all the way to the roast station at the end of the row.

The roast station had a lot of choices for meat eaters and hubby found their turkey was very tender. Unfortunately, on this occasion, it wasn’t the case with the pork belly. The crackle was burnt and the meat wasn’t tender enough.

They also had two woodfired pizzas on offer — charsiu pork with chili oil and vegetarian mushroom pizza.

The Epicurean showcases their desserts beautifully. Hubby really liked their refreshing watermelon and mango sorbet. They also have many individual cakes inside the glass receptacle. I only managed to try six or maybe eight cakes out of the whole selection.

Another highlight was when we found the delicious black pepper crab as part of the Asian Kitchen. The crab was cooked really well and the black pepper sauce soaked well into the meat.

Chef Sean Marco saw me walk around the Asian food station and asked if I liked the food. He was quite attentive and helped customers with requests.


Epicurean is definitely a great buffet restaurant to try on any special occasions. The view from the restaurant was beautiful, especially if you’re seated near the long glass windows and kids and adults are able to enjoy a variety of dishes on offer.

There were two different times of seating for dinner. The first was 5pm to 7.30pm, the second went from 8pm to 11pm.

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