Does using a phone wallet make you an old fuddy?

Tuesday, October 29, 2019 12:15 pm
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Today’s conversation on The Breakfast Show took a turn. Corey accused Morro of being an “old fuddy” but it seems Corey might be on the wrong side of a trend.


Our Eastern state cousins are racing ahead of us in the digital landscape with their newly introduced digital licenses. 5 years after it was originally proposed, NSW residents can have their license on their phones instead of the plastic card. While this makes it easy to always have your ID at hand, your digital license will not be valid on a phone with a cracked screen.

While Morro was sharing this news with the family, Corey jumped in to point out Morro’s “phone wallet”. Apparently, Corey thinks Morro’s an “old fuddy” because he uses one.Morro's phone wallet

Morro asked what the big deal was, “I didn’t realise it was such a big no-no with you young people.”¬† So Corey explained that he thinks it makes him look a bit dad-ey.

Morro was in utter disbelief when Ben from Port Kennedy texted in saying “phone wallet!? You might as well have a purse, Im 42 and wouldn’t get one!”

Even though Moz said he wasn’t phased by public opinion, he still asked the Family what they thought about these phone wallets. Even though Corey is supposed to be the young, hip one he seems to be on the wrong side of this trend; almost everyone agreed with Morro!

This is what the Family had to say about phone wallets:

Peta from Currambine and her husband both have phone wallets. “And my 20 year son has one but only uses it when he goes out. Sorry Corey (you’re wrong).”

Someone else said “Benefit of a phone-wallet: if you misplace your wallet you can use !Find my phone! to locate it again ?”

As a tradesman, a phone wallet works for Trent¬† as it is one less thing to carry. “My wallet sits on my computer desk at home covered in dust. I’m a 41 year old with 2 kids and a grown up who is not a victim of peer pressure.”

“Im rocking a phone wallet. Yes Im a dad of now adult twins… But they have them as well, because I bought them” said Chris from Kalamunda.

Then Shane from Embleton told the boys to keep up with the times. “Virtual wallets. If properly secured are safer & more easily replaced if lost or stolen. “

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