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Kirste, Corey and Morro are out to solve a household dilemma this morning.



The last few days, Kirste has been away in Melbourne doing some learning. On the last day, she got caught up and had to pack up her suitcase in a flurry and shoot out of the hotel. Hours later, when she was boarding the plane to come home, she looked down at her phone and it clicked. She had left her phone charger on the bedside table in the hotel.

(How Kirste felt when she saw her battery %)
┬áSo Kirste gets home, she’s already annoyed, her phone is about to go flat and she can’t find another charger.

“So I asked my girls if I could borrow one of theirs and they got all antsy about it? Like it was some horrible nightmare to lend me their charger?” said Kirste. “Apart from the fact that I bought them those chargers, I’ve also bought extra ones to leave around the house for this exact situation.”

Anyway, two didn’t work, she finally found one and then she was only allowed to use it for an allocated time before it was taken back. So chargers are absolutely doing Kirste’s head in at the moment.

Morro thought he had solved this for his family.

He built a charging station that lives near the front door. The idea is that when someone comes home, they leave their phone to charge at the door and then they come to do life with the family. “Well, that worked a treat” said a very unimpressed Morro.

Morro doesn’t like to have phones in the bedrooms, especially while it’s charging. When Corey said he plugs his phone in next to his bed, Morro was so shocked.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s killing my brain cells,” said Corey.

“No mate, it’ll make you sterile! Morro replied, “Then you’ll regret it.”

He does charge his smartwatch in the bathroom, but can you guess what happens when he goes to plug it in? Gone.

Kirste and Morro always feel like they’re one short. So they want to know, do other families have issues with chargers? How do you sort them out? Text us or join the conversation on Facebook!

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