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Phil Burton - Human Nature


Human Nature have released 13 studio albums,  four of which were number one in Aus. They had 15 ‘Top 20’ singles and five ‘top 10’ hits worldwide. And of course, they were honoured in 2019 with a Medal of the Order of Australia. They have just wrapped up a Las Vegas residency, which they’ve held since 2009. To top all that off, this year, they released a new original single, ‘Nobody Just like You’ which you would have been hearing here on 98five. This morning we were delighted to be joined by Human Nature’s Phil Burton.

Haven’t they been busy! To introduce her guest this morning on her show, Bec had to narrow down Phil’s intro to just a few sentences, it was hard work!

Once Bec had Phil on the phone, she had something to confess.

“I have to confess something, Phil. I did get pre release tickets to your Christmas in the Park gig because that’s how excited I am about seeing you guys at Christmas and being able to get out and about again.”

On December 12th, Human Nature will take the stage in Kings Park to showcase some of their most beloved hits of the last 30 years and of course all of the Christmas favourites. By the time this event rolls around, Human Nature would not have performed a gig for nine months!

“We just absolutely can’t wait, we’re desperate to get up on the stage and have people sing along and getting in the Christmas spirit for this. It’s going to be awesome,” said Phil.

If that’s not convinced you that Phil is already Christmas crazy, he’s encouraging you to go ahead and put your tree up now!

“This year all the rules have been thrown out the window. So if you want to put your Christmas tree out now go right ahead. You might as well do it, hell if you’ve had it up since July so what. That’s fine. Whatever makes you feel happy. We all need something to make us feel happy this year.”

Human nature

To hear Phil Burton chat all things quarantine, Vegas and Christmas have a listen to the podcast below:

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