You’re Very Good For 70 Cents: Peter Combe is Back

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 10:52 am
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Peter Combe Christmas AlbumAussie entertainer and musician, 22 releases, 7 gold albums, 2 platinum, 3 ARIAs and what’s more with the most impressive audience – kids! Peter Combe, after 28 years, is back to tour his Christmas album. Why is he returning after hanging up the microphone in 1990? He was inspired by his son!

His son Thom suggested it was time to take the album out on the road, after seeing the requests his father received each year to perform tracks from the album. “I’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of wonderful letters, emails, Facebook messages and many many more comments from families for 28 years expressing their love for this particular album,” says Peter. “I’ve been deeply touched by these expressions of love for the songs.”

His Christmas album Peter Combe’s Christmas Album is the only successful Christmas album of original songs, going gold in 5 weeks and he’s performing every single track on the album!
If you get along to one of his shows you’re in for a treat.

One of the other things that makes Peter Combe’s Christmas Album special are the choirs that perform on many of the songs.  “I contacted high schools, private and public schools, in every capital city that I knew had great choirs,” he says. “The ages of the choir singing most of the songs on the album were 13-17, so the choirs in the concerts will be the same age. It’s the first tour ever in which I’ll be doing every show with a live band and a talented young choir.”

Peter shares one of his favourite moments with a little girl in the audience. In 1983 he was performing a concert at a primary school and you must remember tickets were quite cheap in those days. After the concert was over, all the kids went back to class except for one little girl. She was hanging around and Peter could tell she wanted to tell him something. So Peter introduced himself and this little girl said to him “you’re very good for 70 cents you know”.

Don’t miss this very special festive concert on November 25th, Subiaco Oval at 3 pm and 6 pm. Find more info here.

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