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Photo by Simon Santi/The West Australian

Every day Kirste, Dan and Leon serve up a yummy dish of Newsli. (Like Muesli, get it?)

Cheese expert, Edward Hancock, has revealed his secrets to the perfect cheeseboard. He suggests having a range of, no more than, 4-5 cheeses. “Four or five gives you enough chance to showcase a different variety of cheeses.” He also recommends storing your cheeses at exactly 8 degrees.

A Canadian teen set a Guinness World Record by solving 211 Rubik’s cubes while on a pogo stick! Sixteen-year-old, Saul Hafting, 16, spent an hour and 12 minutes solving the 211 Rubik’s cubes while bouncing on his pogo stick.

Perth’s Maori and Aboriginal communities have shown their support for Ukraine. At a Ukrainian Catholic Church in Maylands on Sunday, they performed their own cultural ceremonies as a sign of respect and solidarity.

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