Perth’s last DVD rental shop CLOSES DOWN!

Monday, February 15, 2021 5:16 pm
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Perth's last DVD Rental Store closes

Credit: Facebook @titanpopculture

Do you still rent DVDs?

Well Perth’s last DVD rental store is closing down! The Malaga-based business announced the move on its Facebook page this morning with customers having only two more days to rent DVDs, with all stock to be sold off from Wednesday.

Clayton gave us a ring and told Bec and Jeziel their reason for having to close down, “Cinemas could not open their doors due to the pandemic and due to that we had to close the doors.”

So if you have some DVDs that you would like to get your hands on then head over to their store on Wednesday. But do not worry, there is some good news! On their Facebook page, owners Nathaniel and Clayton did mention, “we will be transiting to an online only store for a brief period of time before reopening in a new location – that we are keeping hush hush for now. We have big goals & big dreams & we hope that the customers who love the Pop Culture that we have to offer come visit us when we are set up in our new location. We will have more information on this released to our Facebook.”

Let us know what your favourite DVDs were to rent.


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