Perth’s Christian Station

Friday, June 22, 2018 7:43 am
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“I heard a song on the radio that brought me back to Jesus.”

It’s comments like this that make us here at 98Five Sonshine FM proud to be known as Perth’s Christian radio station. Radio has an ability to reach people at times and in situations where nobody else can, and bring a voice of hope, comfort, and inspiration exactly when it’s needed, whether that’s a late-night car-trip, a mother with a crying baby, or a person feeling isolated. We consider it our mandate to provide uplifting, God-inspired music and messages to homes across this wonderful city.

It’s so exciting to hear from our listeners about how God has touched them through the station, with stories like this:

“98Five had a huge part in my becoming a Christian, and I haven’t looked back since. I could love myself, and through that one song I understood that God loved me.” – Mel.

Our prayer is that every person who listens to 98Five experiences that transformation power of God in their lives, and that more and more people across Perth tune in to listen to life-changing, inspirational broadcasts.

“It seems God knows I listen to Sonshine FM because I have heard his voice through the songs and subjects over the years I have been listening, and I have received answers to questions I wouldn’t ask but needed answering. I just don’t know what it would be like if Sonshine wasn’t there when I turned on the radio. The world would most likely seem like a more self-centred place, taking what it wants at the expense of whoever gets in the way. Thanks for being there Sonshine FM.” – Paul

If you believe in having Christian values and teaching on the radio in Perth, please support 98Five in our Celebration Month appeal today. Thank you!


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