Monday, March 11, 2019
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Perthpropertyopoly, win $100 thanks to Jim's Realty!

It’s the game that’s hard to say but easy to play – it’s Perthpropertyopoly! 

Every week you could instantly win $100 thanks to our friends at Jim’s Realty – the property managers that put cash back into your pocket!

So how can you play?

Tune into The Brekky Show with Kirste and Morro and listen out for the Perthpropertyopoly cue to call and call us on 9313 0985. If you’re the first to call, you’re the first to play. Then you choose your token, the hat, thimble or car and choose whether you would like Kirste or Morro to roll for you. If your token lands on a suburb you instantly win $100 – how easy is that? If you don’t land on a suburb, but you do roll a double you get a second chance to roll and win.

What’s that? Is there a chance to win $200? Yes, there is – if your token lands perfectly on “Go” your winnings double and you’ll take home $200.

The Perthpropertyopoly Board

This is how the board is currently sitting. After each week the tokens will not be reset to GO, so make sure you come back to check where they are and strategise about which token you’ll use when you ring up to play.


Win instant cash on 98five's Perthpropertyopoly - thanks to Jim's Realty!


Jim's Realty: the property managers that put cash back in your pocket

The prizes are in the form of a gift card and must be picked up from the 98five studio in Como in accordance to Ts and Cs. Limited to 1 prize per person. See full Terms & Conditions here.

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