Perth Has Recorded The Wettest Spring Since 1973

Thursday, November 18, 2021 4:03 pm
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JR the Weather Ferret, AKA Captain Fluffy, joined us for Radiothon!spring

We’ve had one of the warmest weekends since April, reaching over 30 degrees. Although summer is approaching we’ve had lots of rain, storms and even hail. Perth also recorded 100 000 lightning strikes! We also recorded the wettest spring since 48 years ago. With 226.2 millilitres of rain, in just 29 days

JR draws hope from himself as a positive person. To him it’s the most important trait you can have. His hope for 2022, is that people in WA continue to stay safe, and live freely without restrictions.

“Lets be nice to each other like the old days. Caring is most important.”

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