Perth artist wins prestigious prize with a depiction of a Coles roast chicken

11 October 2022

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A tree frog far from home

A British family called animal rescuers when they found a tiny frog in their bag of bananas. “We were unpacking the shopping in the kitchen and my wife turned to me and said, look there’s a frog in the bananas!” Iain Holloway told the RSPCA. After some research, they discovered it was Hispaniolan common tree frog, from the Dominican Republic, the same country the bananas originated. An RSPCA animal rescue officer visited the family’s home to take the tiny frog to receive specialist care.

Photo: RSPCA

A prize winning roast chicken

Perth artist Emma Buswell has won one of the country’s richest contemporary art prizes with her glass bead depiction of a Coles chicken bag. She was inspired by a fond childhood memory of when her mum would bring home a roast chicken, which she and her brother would enjoy over the school holidays. Buswell said pre-prepared meals and roast chicken was “a symbol of people not having time to do those rituals anymore. It’s taking the work, the labour out of it for you because gender roles have changed. Women aren’t home cooking the dinner anymore.

Photo: Facebook, City of Joondalup, Coles

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