Do We Need Permission to Feel Connected? | Allan Tranter

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 10:44 am
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Every week Allan Tranter from Creating Communities joins The Brekky Show for a small conversation that always leaves us thinking big thoughts. Today he shares his observations on how people interacted with each other after The Eagle’s Grand Final win.

It was interesting watching the outcome of the grand final, and how the community engaged with that. I saw so many people wearing yellow and blue scarves and beanies and jumpers. People who I’ve never seen wear eagles colours before. It was like winning gave them permission to say ‘i belong to this group’. It allowed them to say I’m connected.

do we need permission to feel connected allan tranter

Via: The Age

That worried me slightly.

Do we need an excuse to feel connected? Do we need something outside of us to give us permission to say we belong together? If thats the case we need to take more and more deliberate approaches to make sure people feel like they’re allowed to be connected in our community.

A lot of the local places where people felt connected like junior sports, country women’s club, churches, are diminishing. So it was interesting to see people using the success of The Eagles to connect with each other and talk to people they probably have never spoken to before just because they were wearing the same jerseys. That gave people permission to be connected.

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