When the name and the job just FIT

Friday, April 30, 2021 2:21 pm
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This morning Kirste and Dan were due to speak to Pastor Chris Friend, and in the process of telling the family, they realised he had such a fitting name! What more could you want from a pastor?

When the name and the job just FITHowever, this got them thinking. There are heaps of people with names and professions that just work. Kirste recalled a dentist named Dr Savage, and it only got better from there. Here are some of the favourites that we heard from The Family:

“My dentist was Philip Ling…… Dr Phil Ling!” – Adrian and Paula

“I had a science teacher called Mrs. English” – Sarai

“Our minister at St Brendans Warnbro is Rev Lord” – Helen

“I know a dr who was a obstetrician called dr pain and a urologist called dr Waters” – Lynn

“I had a boss in the bank who’s name was Owen Moore. So he used his middle name” – Berin

To hear the rest, and some hilarious callers, check out the podcast below: Have you heard a perfect name and occupation combo? Tells us about it on our socials or send us a text!

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