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By Corey Sutton

Stunning images have surfaced online of what peacocks look like mid-flight. Most people are aware of the peacock and their beautiful feathers, however few have seen them fly. 

When combining the colourful appendages with the miracle of flight, we are left with some of the most breathtaking photographs you will ever see.

They are well known for their showmanship, and who can blame them!

Sometimes I wonder myself how different life would be for me if I had colouful feathers all over. I’d probably be a side show for a travelling circus, living in a caravan and eating re-heated canned spaghetti each night.

That would be the life.

Source: boredpanda

Peacock  4 Peacock 1 Peacock 2 Peacock 5 Peacock 6 Peacock 7 Peacock  3


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