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“I read a disturbing stat earlier this week…”, said Pastor Mark Varughese. “The average attention span of a human in 2019, is apparently 7 seconds… the average attention span of a goldfish, is 8 seconds.”

Pastor Mark Varughese: The difference between 'waiting' and 'focusing'Pastor Mark Varughese from Kingdomcity joined Jeziel on the Classic Drive Show for Midweek Motivation.

The era that we’re in, we’re inundated with social media, so many things fighting for our attention. So the issue of focus is more than an internal ability to concentrate on one thing. Really there is something at stake when we lose our ability to focus. Often we think the enemy wants to destroy our life, but in reality, all that needs to be done is distract us from our life. “If he can’t destroy us, he’ll distract us.”
That goes for anything in life, anytime we’re distracted, the distractions that come our way can cause to deviate from our purpose or His planning or our calling. It’s a distraction that can ruin a relationship or ruin a career, it can ruin our relationship with God. In fact, the bible talks about those who wait on The Lord, it says those who wait on The Lord shall rennew their strength. (Isaiah 40:31)
“To ‘wait on The Lord’, I used to think that meant to put on a Spotify playlist and go to sleep… but that’s not waiting.”

The word literally means focus.

The literal translation of wait, is focus. Those who focus on the Lord shall renew their strength. There is something about focus that changes things. Think about a hose. When you change the settings to a jet stream, that focused stream of water can move sand, if the stream is spread wide you can wet a larger area but move nothing.
“Often we get frustrated that things aren’t moving in our life. But that’s because we lack the ability to stay focused on the one thing long enough. Those who wait on the Lord, who focus on The Lord, in fact, can focus on anything. Look at an athlete, it’s an incredible focus that brought movement in their life. The best picture I can think of is those National Geographic documentaries about lions. When the lion is hunting a gazelle, it looks like she’s asleep in the bushes, like she’s waiting. But she’s actually focussing.”
That’s the point, wait and focus are two different applications. When you have your attention set on something it actually brings you far more victory. What is at stack is not just “what am I looking at?” but distraction can be the difference between success and failure.
As Pastor Mark wrapped up his thoughts Jeziel had to make one point. “I’ll have you know I stayed focussed on what you were saying that whole time. I bet The Family, who were listening did too!”
“You’re right”, Pastor Mark agreed, “these are high-quality listeners.”
Have a listen to the conversation between Jeziel and Pastor Mark on the podcast below:

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