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Pastor Mark Edwards from Inglewood Community Church joined Lockie and Jeziel to share what 98five means to him.pastor

Pastor Mark has previously joined Bec and Jeziel on The Drive Show for Midweek Motivation but started listening with his family when we first started “It just brings home that connection about Perth and living here and being a family together. For me I love that and I love bringing that to the airways. “He believes what makes 98five unique is the human connection.

The engagement the people listening, its increase. I think it’s because people want that human connection they want to know there is someone authentic on the other side of the radio. That is what Sonshine FM provides. What Sonshine brings is family, hope and the fact there is a real person on the other end”

98five has more than 462,000 individual listeners monthly, a 5% increase since the last survey.

For over 30 years, we’ve been speaking life and hope into thousands of lives across Perth. Hope can be a song, a word, a voice. At 98five we’re committed to broadcasting the positive message of hope all day, every day. You can show your support for the radio station that supports you by donating. “We give to what we value…It’s a community supported radio station I would encourage people to give financial because we value it and we want it to continue.”

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