Pastor Ken Lee: “I see 98five as the Avengers”

Monday, November 15, 2021 10:14 am
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Pastor Ken Lee, from Nations Church, joined Kirste and Dan for Radiothon 2021!radiothon 2021

It has been a tough year but Pastor Ken is grateful for the hope in Jesus. Life is full. “Its not just blind positivity it’s this innately engrained sense of conviction that we’ve got a God who loves us…I think that’s what keeps up alive.”

To keep hope alive, Pastor Ken likes to surround himself with hopeful people. People with a positive outlook that can influence his perspective. As well as spending time in nature, appreciating God’s creation. At 98five we are dedicated to spread the message of hope.

“I see 98five, and Nations Church, and all the other churches as the Avengers. We all bring different abilities and talents to take down that one enemy which is negativity and chaos. 98five is an integral part.”

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