Passwords: do you have one or multiple?

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 12:11 pm
Reading Time: 1 minute

Mike revealed on Brekky this morning that he has done away with multiple passwords due to forgetfulness.

In its place, he has one password he uses across all his accounts, much to the shock of Corey.

Shannon too, filling in for Kirste whilst she is away, sided with Mike, affirming that though she isn’t as simple as Mike, she has half-a-dozen passwords that she cycles through for different websites.

Of course, this prompted the call out to the family, do you only have one password?

Some of the responses were quite shocking (well for Corey at least).

“I’ve had the same password for everything for the last ten years!” Jacqui from Alexander Heights

Mike was obviously elated after reading that. And Chris’ message only further entrenched Mike in his ways.

“I prefer to have three passwords, each being for low, medium, and high security depending on the sensitivity of information that they guard.” Chris from Karrinyup

You can listen to the full discussion on passwords below, or join the conversation in the comments section on Facebook.

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