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Florida airport Photograph

A passenger landed a plane after the pilot descended into incoherence.

This forced the only passenger to take over. He called air traffic control for help. “I’ve got a serious situation here. My pilot’s gone incoherent. I have no idea how to fly the airplane.” The controller managed to find the plane on the radar and instruct the passenger on how to navigate and land the plane. So Bec and Jeziel wanted to know has someone saved your life?

When Josh was two, he and his sisters were playing hold your breath underwater. He fell asleep under the water and his mum pulled him out of the water. She didn’t know CPR so she hailed down a car and a man resuscitated him and brought him back to life. “I never even met the guy before.”

Bec was rock climbing with her family. She climbed 30 meters up when a rock came away and she fell. She wasn’t attached to anything but her brother managed to grab her rope and clip it on, saving her life. “I free fell about 15 metres. I passed my brother and we had that brief moment of eye contact and he realised something was wrong.”

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