Do your parents call you by your nickname?

Tuesday, November 26, 2019 1:38 pm
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Morro got a text from his mum yesterday and ended it with “… love you Morro.” That sounds pretty sweet, right? Everyone loves hearing that from their parents. Except, he wasn’t too happy with this message.

Let’s take it back a few days, to the beginning of the story.

Over the weekend, Long-time listener and friend of The Brekky Show Janine the Trucky was in Pingelly. She’s looking for a bit of land in “God’s country” as Morro calls it, because that’s where his family is from. She went along to the local church and bumped into Morro’s mum, so his mum was texting him about meeting Janine and that’s when she ended the message with “… love you Morro.”

His mum had obviously learnt this off Janine and Morro did not like it. “She’s my mum, she can’t call me Morro!”

This was the first time he’s ever told someone not to call him ‘Morro’. Up until now, we didn’t think anyone called him by his real name (Paul). We thought that no one, absolutely no one called him Paul because of the intense eye scolding you would usually receive as a reply. It’s a surprise to us, but he thinks that your parents can’t call you by your nickname. His mum always calls him ‘Paul’ and his dad always calls him ‘son’ and that’s just how it’s meant to be.

Corey didn’t agree though, he’s seen proof to dispute Moz! He went to school with a boy called Cameron, somewhere along the line he picked up the nickname ‘Obby’. Everyone at Corey’s school called him by this and eventually, even his parents adopted it!

What about you, do your parents call you by your nickname? Text us or join the conversation on Facebook!

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