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Corey Sutton | Brekky producer

We’ve all been in that position at some point in time when we say “dad/mum, that’s not funny”. It’s basically in the job description of being a parent that you embarrass your kids, but these parents went above and beyond for that illusive laugh!

If you’ve got a great story about embarrassing your kids, be sure to send it in to us.

1. Parents sent a selfie…via post


2. After his kid moved out for university, the dad transformed the bedroom into the dog’s room


3. I remember when my parents taught me to drive. It was a lot like this, too.


4. These parents convinced their kids that they had another brother who turned into a mushroom. They went so far as to add him into the photo albums


5. That’s just harsh


6. Their dad added googly eyes to every item in the fridge


7. His son forgot his lunch, so dad delivered it during class…


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