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Corey Sutton | Brekky producer

We’re all in agreement when we say kids are wonderful and will change your life. However, it is no surprise that sometimes parents can get a little worn out from time to time. 

Thankfully, there are some very smart mums and dads who’ve created some of the best parenting hacks of all time that could potentially change the way you raise your kids.

Are you struggling to find ways to have a moments peace? Looking to enjoy a chocolate without the kids finding your stash? These series of images are definitely for you then.

1. The sneaky treat


2. Lost some items? Make it a game.


3. Need a clean floor and keep your kids occupied? 2 birds/1 stone


4. This fella was told to paint the fence with a bucket of water. He’ll be there for hours.


5. One word — genius


6. Toilet roll toy car garage


7. Sick of finding your walls drawn on? Let them…


8. Stop that sand from coming home with a simple bed sheet at the beach


9. They can draw wherever they want in here


10. His boys’ controllers aren’t even plugged in!


11. I definitely needed this when I was young…probably still do?


Source: BoredPanda

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