Do your kids have a parental preference?

Thursday, October 31, 2019 12:53 pm
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Every Wednesday Kirste’s bestie Shannon visits The Breakfast Show for a catch-up!

Shannon and her family have just returned from a little holiday to Denmark. On one particular afternoon, they were all just lazing about the house when Shannon had to answer nature’s call. She walked from the kitchen to the bathroom and had barely shut the door when she heard “mum… muuuumm… mummmm” from one of her boys.

Shannon couldn’t believe it, her sons were hanging out in the living room right next to their dad. Dave was spread out on the couch reading, right beside the boys. But they felt that they had to call out to their mum, they couldn’t ask their dad for help and give Shannon two minutes of peace.

“It wasn’t even anything important either,” said Shannon “they just wanted to know what time we were leaving for dinner.”

Shannon believes her kids have a parental preference. “It’s not Dave’s fault, he definitely pulls his weight with the responsibilities. It’s the kids! For some reason they only choose me to bother.”

Kirste knew exactly what Shannon was talking about. When her three girls were little, they only came to her side of the bed in the middle of the night. They never bothered Tim!

Do you know Shannon’s pain? Do your kids have a parental preference? Text us or join the conversation on Facebook!

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