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By Sean Ayres.

Susan Joy is the Perth-based author of “The Joyful Table” and joined Bec on The Morning Show to talk about her new book, “The Paleo Bread Cookbook”.

In her search to help families cook healthy and tasty meals, Joy has not just included bread recipes but also rolls, flatbreads, tortillas, pizza bases, crackers, pastries, waffles and more. Each recipe is handcrafted, tried and tested in Joy’s own family, and is 100% grain free.

When speaking of her desire to create the book, Joy described giving up bread as the “biggest stumbling block” for many people.

“So many people say to me, I want to eat healthy, but they just couldn’t give up their bread”.

“They say if I could just give bread up I know I’d feel better. I know my tummy gets bloated, I know I get tired”.

“With me, I get joint pain and so many people have said that was one thing that disappeared when they took grains and gluten out of their diet”.

Joy is no stranger to poor reactions to gluten, previously becoming ill with Hashimoto’s disease after eating a high carbohydrate, low fat diet.

“The gluten and grains were affecting my gut lining” said Joy.

“It actually caused me to have an auto-immune disease. My body started attacking itself”.

Hashimoto’s disease is caused by immune system cells attacking the thyroid, inflaming and damaging the thyroid. Symptoms can include fatigue, weight gain, stiff and tender joints and constipation.

Tasty alternatives

For people struggling to give up grains, Joy was challenged to create new recipes.

“It was fun for me to test and create flours and for people to enjoy them. People can have good choices and they are not going to miss out on what they are used to having”.

While grain-free bread recipes can be found, Joy found that tasty and similar alternatives were lacking.

“There were so many things online that I’d look at and say, that’s going to taste like cardboard!”

In order to create a texture that’s not too eggy or dry, Joy experimented to reach a perfect consistency.

“Almond meal gives a beautiful, moist texture and you can swap one for one with wheat flour”.

“Arrowroot and tapioca work together really well”.

Almond meal however brings its own problems for families sending their children to school, with parents discouraged from packing nut products. In order to protect children with allergies at school, Joy says use coconut flour with arrowroot mixed in.

“I would also use coconut flour, which is very course. You’d always want to mix that with arrowroot to make nice flour that the kids can take to school”.

Ingredients also used include ground black or white chia seeds for binding, sesame seeds for flavour, sunflower seeds and papitas for protein, and golden flax seed to replace flour or egg.

“The Paleo Bread Cookbook” by Susan Joy can be purchased online from her website



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