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Listen to Paddy Sweeney’s chat with The Breakfast Show for Radiothon 2019.


Just as Channel 9’s Paddy Sweeney came on the mics we heard the “da-dinnng” noise. Which means we ticked over another $1000 mark! I guess that says a lot about how much The Family love Paddy.

Kirste and Paddy actually go back a looong way, back to Lombard street in Leeming. The Sweeney’s used to cash in on Kirste’s family pool! They reminisced about how it was one of those neighbourhoods where everyone knew each other. Someone was always hosting a BBQ and everyone was always social.

Paddy Sweeney from Channel 9 news, visits 98five for Radiothon

“My childhood was so much fun because everyone on that street was a big family.”

Paddy even still catches up with some of them. He had “a bit of a celebration” (his wedding!) a few weeks ago and lots of his old family friends came along. He’s even in a Friday morning runners group with some of his old neighbours!

And that’s what Paddy loves about Perth: the big family vibes. As a man in the media, he’s always out and about in our city. So he’s seen a side of the community most of us may not.

“A few years ago the Channel 9 offices moved from Dianella to the heart of city. Now I look around the CBD and the amount of people on our streets that are homeless, I’m struggling to get my head around it. We hear a lot of great stories, but these are the stories we’re probably not hearing. It’s an epidemic in Perth.”

Paddy reflected on a conversation he had off-air with The Brekky team about how great this weekend’s weather was. He suggested that while most of us were enjoying it, it probably didn’t even cross our minds that there are people out there in our city who can’t escape it.

So with all that in mind, what does Paddy hope for, for our city?

“So often in life, we think the-grass-is-always-greener,” Paddy said. “I just want people to look at what we’ve got and not what we don’t. I think if you can look at what we’ve got, a lot of us are more in the positive than the negative.”

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