Outdoor Classroom Day: Is your school taking part?

Thursday, August 29, 2019 11:30 am
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Kath Healy from Nature Play WA is very excited this morning. She came to talk to us about one of her favourite annual events, Outdoor Classroom Day!



Outdoor Classroom Day is all about advocating and encouraging teachers to take education outdoors. The day falls on November 7th this year and WA schools have a great track record at being a part of this.

Nature Play have heaps of resources to help the teachers put something together for this day. They’ve even done a risk, benefit analysis spreadsheets for you!

“The brilliant thing is, the education department in WA has put a focus on outdoor learning and play. Particuarly for the early years, we’d love to see that continue all the way through. We know teachers themselves want more resources and more support to deliver learning outdoors, ” said Kath.

If you’re a parent and this sounds like an idea you’d like to get behind, you can check to see if you’re school is taking part in Outdoor Classroom Day this year. If not and you’d like your school to get involved Nature Play has written a letter than you can download. This is to take to your school to show your support for Outdoor Classroom Day.

“It’s so beneficial for them! For their mental and psychical health and they perform better academically after being outdoors.”

Corey loves this idea so much he suggested we campaign together for an outdoor office day! Which definitely got Kath’s cogs turning. She said in the mean time while she gets cracking on that, we should try walking meetings. Or, when we get to the afternoon and hit by two-thirty-itis, take a break. Go outside, breathe the fresh air and take a break from your screen.



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