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This is part 10 of Jodie McCarthy’s, Amanda Viviers’ and Elaine Fraser’s online book club.

Oh my goodness, Shauna, Part 5 of this book, where do I start? You write of the wrestle with people-pleasing and I nod my head.

You write of learning to have fun and play again, instead of living in constant hustle, and I utter a heart-felt, ‘Me too’.

You write of rest, and simplicity, and wrestling with the body God gave you. And each essay resounds in my soul.

You write of being who you were created to be and I breathe a deep sigh of recognition.

As a mumma of two there are days when I do the hard yards. I live minute by minute, second by second, I survive.

But I no longer want to survive my life, I want to thrive.

What you have touched on Shauna is that to thrive, (to live a life of intention, and calling, and deep soul-satisfaction), I have to accept that less is more.

Less listening to the opinion of others, more listening to the quiet voice of my God.

Less hustle and more play.

Less busy and more rest.

Less stuff and more simplicity.

Less criticism of my body and more acceptance.

Less striving and more being.

Sometimes we have to clear the clutter placed on us by others and really focus on the core of ourselves.

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Clear the clutter of other people’s voices, of other people’s expectations, or even of comparing ourselves with other people’s creative giftings.

I have let the words, efficient and responsible, govern too many of my seasons. I have prided myself on being seen as that person.

But there is a danger there. These words lead to a focus on people-pleasing and meeting expectations of others. And the ultimate result is exhaustion and a deep-seated frustration.

So for my current season, I am choosing words like space, grace, pause, listen, and be.

I am choosing to embrace less.

Thank you, Shauna, for articulating so well this inner wrestle for survival, and instead showing us a way to thrive.


Book club discussion question:

What are the words defining your season right now? If they are not what you would choose for yourself, what do you want them to be? 

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