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By: Simone Cathryn

On the Basis of Sex explores the start of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s, often known now around the world simply as ‘RBG’, career and the pivotal legal case she led. The case which took the first step towards legal gender equality in the US.

A beautiful film that shows us how courage, conviction and support from those around us can lead to huge moments that impact not just our own lives but can also affect countless lives.

At it’s core On the Basis of Sex is a heart-warming film about family, reminding us of what can be accomplished when we believe in, challenge and support each other.

With Mimi Leder at the helm and an impressive cast that delivers in each unique performance. Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer carry the film superbly, supported by outstanding performances from Sam Waterson, Kathy Bates and Justin Theroux.

Jones brings to the role the steely determined stare that Ginsberg is known for while also showing the true courage she had, standing up and continuing the fight even when she doubted, in the midst of great fear and resistance from people on her side of the fight. Hammer shines as her husband, who pushes, supports and fights for her through their entire marriage being the hidden champion of her and her work even when it could potentially destroy his own career. Ultimately it is the equality in their own relationship that provides the backbone to stand against all the pressure.

The stand out for me was Cailee Spaeny who plays Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s teenage daughter. She manages to hit the complex emotions of a teenager and strong determination perfectly giving much insight into the intricacies of not just mother & daughter relationships but the relationship between the woman who have fought for equality their whole lives and the next generation starting to join the fight for themselves.

On the Basis of Sex is full of humour, sweetness, strength and suspense. As one of the lines in the film says. Equality for women also means equality for men. This is a film that all, men and woman, can equally enjoy!

With Valentine’s Day coming up it’s a great option for Valentine’s Day ‘Date Night’, whether that is with your partner, your family or with a few friends.

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