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When did you let your oldest child babysit their siblings? Shannon visits The Breakfast Show.


Last time we chatted to Shannon she was filling us in on the recent maturity growth spurt her oldest boy had gone through. Out of know where it seems, he’s in the kitchen whipping up full meals for himself! This week he even branched out to apple turnovers! (Read more about his master chef tendencies here.)

So over the last few weeks, Shannon has been watching her 13-year-old cook and clean. She’s really enjoying this sudden emotional growth spurt he’s gone through. But that got her thinking – is he old and mature enough to babysit his two younger brothers now?

“Because I feel like, if he’s not burning the kitchen down and he can cook a meal, he can babysit for me!” she said.

Kirste thought that was a great question, eventually, all parents start to wonder when it’s appropriate to let the oldest sibling stay home and look after the kiddies.

So far, the longest Shannon has left her boys at home is two hours. It was fine and the oldest even rang Shannon in the first hour to give her an update.

Corey, being the academic that he is, did a quick bit of research to find out if there are any laws surrounding leaving children at home. In WA, there are none! Interestingly though in QLD there is a law that states it is a misdemeanour to leave a 12-year-old at home for an “unreasonable” about of time.

Morro was quick to remind Shannon of a photo he saw on her Instagram recently of all three of the boys wrestling.

“Yeah you’re right, they are all boys and they are a bit rough which each other … I don’t know what to do.” Shannon is confused, she needs advice!

So we took it to the family and this is what you had to say:

Lisa from Shoalwater and her hubby were travelling around Australia at the time. They left their kids “who were 2, 5 and 8 at the local pub while we went for a helicopter ride! We bought them an icy pole and lemonade and we got back 45 minutes later, it was all fine!”

James from Marangaroo wanted to warn Shannon about some of the dangers of leaving kids at home. When he was 5 years old, his older sister was babysitting him during the summer holidays. She decided that they should go and visit their friends because “it was only a short walk.” So off they went, for kids (with only two pairs of thongs between them) walking alone in Balga! FOUR HOURS LATER they arrived at their friend’s house!”

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