Your October weather wrap up

Monday, October 30, 2017 2:45 pm
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Another month bites the dust. With the end of October comes the beginning of November. But what can we expect? Will the month be like a Guns N’ Roses concert and feature November Rain? Or will it be more of a November drain? To fill us all in, JR the Weather Ferret has relayed the latest stats to us.

The month that was

We’ve had a fair amount of sunshine this month. Yesterday we had a simply dazzling 11.6 hours of sun. The sunshine didn’t exactly help our rainfall stats. We recorded only 82% of our monthly average of 51.5mm (that’s 42.0mm for those without calculators.) Despite being so far below the average, we actually had the wettest October for six years. In 2011 the total was 64.2mm.

October temperatures

Perth’s mean max temperature for October was 23.1°C, which is a smidgen below the average of 23.4°C. Two years ago, Perth experienced its warmest October on record with 26.8°C, breaking the record set in 1969 of 25.8°C. The overnight minimum temperatures for October were warmer than average with a mean minimum temperature of 11.9°C, which was the warmest October for two years wince the 13.8°C in 2015.

What to expect for November

Wednesday marks the first day of November, so what type of weather can we expect over the next 30 days? Well, November days in Perth are generally sunny, and mild to warm in temperature. A few hot days are likely to occur towards the end of the month. The general springtime decline in rainfall will continue, with an average of 22.3mm expected over 6 rain days. For some context, last year Perth recorded just 14.4mm on two rain days. However, it can vary quite wildly. In 1891 the official total was nil, while in 1984 the gauges topped out at 73.2mm.

Days of 40 degrees in November

In general, Perth can expect it’s first post-winter 40 degree day as early as late November. On November 11, 2003, Perth recorded its earliest 40 degree day, and the equal hottest November day on record with 40.3°C. We’re unlikely to top the hottest day this year any time soon though. The record to beat is 44.4°C from January 5.

The Dams

Perth’s dams have held steady this week, still on 45.2%. On this date last year they were at 33.5%. Our metro dams are holding 35% more water than this time last year.

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