Your October weather round up for the week

Monday, October 9, 2017 2:55 pm
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It seems as if winter just won’t go to bed will it? Every time we think spring is finally upon us, the clouds return and the rain comes down. For those of us wondering when the sun will be out to stay, our fearless Weather Ferret, JR is onto it.

Winter returns… For a day

On Saturday, winter came back to Perth. A weak cold front provided cold and wet conditions for much of Southern WA. Bickley was the coldest location in Perth, recording just 12.3°C, followed by Kalamunda with 12.9°C and gooseberry Hill with 13.1°C. In fact, at 16.2°C it was Perth’s coldest October day in 10 years, only a fraction warmer than the 16.0°C recorded on October 10 2007. However, the coldest October day in Perth was a positively icy 11.9°C recorded on October 8 1932.

Dry October

It hasn’t exactly been a wet start to October. In total we’ve had just 2.2mm of rain, far short of our average for the whole month of 51.5mm. Last year was much the same, with a total figure of just 37.4mm for the month. However, there’s still hope. On the odd occasion, Perth has recorded it’s whole average in one day. On October 18 1995 the gauges topped off at 68.2mm.

Warm weather on the way

The bureau is forecasting warmer conditions to return later this week. A sunny and warm 29°C on Friday will be our warmest day since the 7th of May. The average maximum temperature for October is 23.4°C, and the warmest October on record averaged 26.8°C in 2015. The warmest October day overall was 37.3°C in 1967.

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