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As any good Kiwi would, Jeziel likes to keep up with what’s trending back in his homeland. While he was checking in on the weekly news, he stumbled across a food blog that was causing an uproar on social media. (The blogger, who we won’t tag because he’s gathered a following for his explicit-filled food reviews.)

Anyway, the blogger taste tested one of his friend’s fave snacks. A, specifically from a petrol station, meat pie with a Whittaker’s Peanut Slab stuffed into it.

“It’s genuinely one of the most insane things I’ve ever put in my mouth.” said the blogger.

Of course, this got the attention of Jeziel. What better way to spend Friday afternoon than cooking up an internet-verified delicious snack? So he sent producer Leon out to gather the ingredients and prepare the feast.

The recipe instructions are simple.

“Take off the lid of the pie, a small incision is plenty, take your peanut slab and shove that in there. Close the lid of the pie, put it back in the paper bag, act like it never happened and just let it sit for about five minutes so it can melt, marinate and create magic. Take a bite and I swear that your horizons will expand and explode. The sweet and salty combination has never tasted so legit and the crunch from the peanuts will blow your brains out.”

New Zealand

Based off these photos, what do you think Mel & Jeziel thought of the creation?

Surprisingly, Jeziel loved it! “I wouldn’t go and buy it, but as a once off – I  loved it! The salty, sweet, crunchy combo was perfect.” Unsurprisingly, Mel did not. Invision Mel shuddering when we asked her what she thought “Nope, disgusting, too much going on.”

Have you tried the peanut slab meat pie? Or is there another food concoction you like?

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