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It’s been a varied week in weather. We’ve had a variety of temperatures starting with a three, and some spots have even recorded rather furious storms. If you’re wondering about all the specific details from a week of weather to remember, JR our resident Weather Ferret is here again to provide all the details.

November Rain

Over the weekend we had a number of isolated storms popping up over the Perth area. There were several Severe Thunder warnings issued for the southern coastal suburbs to Mandurah. The warnings also included heavy rain and large hail, however that came to no avail in most places. The best rainfall was recorded at Swanbourne, with 1.2mm. The storms are lingering, with a chance later today over the eastern hills, as well as a possibility later in the week.

A warm start to November

Perth has had a run of warm to hot weather since last Monday. On Saturday, Perth recorded a maximum of 36.9°C, which was the hottest day since the 37.7°C recorded on March 1 this year. Perth’s hottest November day was 40.3°C recorded twice, on 24 November 1913 and 11 November 2003. The average temperature for November is 26.6°C, but we’re currently sweltering through an average of 31.1°C.

Sunshine hours for November

Perth is currently experiencing its sunniest November for 10 years. The mean daily sunshine hours are running at 11.9 hours per day. The average sunshine hours for November is 10.7 hours. The sunniest on record was a bit higher at 12.3 hours in 2007, while the dullest was just 5.1 hours in 1965. That’s a reading we would normally expect during the winter months.


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