What nickname did you give your suburbs?

Tuesday, August 27, 2019 10:29 am
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The Breakfast Show need some inspiration to give Corey’s suburb a nickname.



There is nothing more quintessentially Australian than coming up with a nickname. A nickname for everything is how we Aussies like to do it. Like “Morro”, his full name is Paul Morrison, but he’s basically only known as Morro.

Corey has noticed, that this affectionate trait even extends to the suburbs that we live in. Kirste is from Beaconsfield which she calls ‘Beaky’. Morro is from Bassendean or ‘Basso’. But Corey is from Carine … and Carine has no nickname! Corey is a very proud Carine-ite and he thinks it deserves a nickname too, but he’s struggling to come up with one. ‘The Reen’? ‘Reeney’? ‘Rino’? Nothing works…

So we asked the family what their suburbs are called for some inspo.

Anna is from High Wycombe or ‘Wycy’.

Jackie used to live in Armadale and apparently the locals call it ‘Arma-hole’! Morro smartly suggested no one outside of Armadale call it that. But Jackie said she first heard of that nickname from the local council! So maybe it’s deceivingly affectionate?

When Christine lived in Yangebup, her family had a few dodgy experiences on their street. So her kids nicknamed it ‘Dodgy-bup‘.

Eloise is from ‘Kala’ or Kalamunda and her kids go to Gooseberry Hill ‘Goosey’ Primary School.

Travis lives in Rivervale which is majestically named ‘The Vale’ and his friends live in Redcliffe or ‘The Cliff’. He also informed us of some other interesting ones. Welshpool is apparently called ‘The Puddle’ and Rockingham ‘The Swinging Pig’!

Kirste had to ask for some clarification on ‘The Swinging Pig’. Why is Rocking… ham… called that? Can you figure it out?

Funnily enough, everyone we talked to this morning couldn’t come up with an idea for Carine! I guess Corey will just have to live with that.


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