Nick Marvin at Radiothon 2019

Friday, November 15, 2019 11:32 am
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One of our favourite 98five regulars is Nick Marvin. Former CEO of the Perth Wildcats and Western Force, now business consultant extraordinaire. Nick is a wealth of knowledge in business, faith, and life.


Nick Joined Kirste and Morro in the Radiothon studio to discuss his views on performance. When Nick first began at the Wildcats, he says there was no “why”. So they began with “why do you come here every day?”. From there they moved to “what do we do?”, and finally “how will you be remembered?”. By the time they got there, the club was in a bad spot. Sitting at the bottom of the ladder, things looked bleak. Almost miraculously, the club turned it around and ended up winning the championship. Nick attributes a lot of this success on the “why”.

Nick now spend a lot of time with high performance teams, both corporate and government, and has the chance to share his wisdom with some game changers. He also tied together the question of “what do I want to be remembered for?” with the innate concept of goodness, and explained how he sees 98five fitting into it:

“It doesn’t matter how old you are or what job you do. I used to be a cleaner when I was at uni, and I wanted to be remembered as a guy who kept the place clean… It’s the pursuit of goodness. In a world where there’s so much of the alternative, this is the oasis. For me and my family, and all of the 98five family listening today, this is the oasis and we need to hang onto it.”

To hear all of Nick’s thoughts, check out the audio below:

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