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Kirste, Dan and Leon shared today’s dish of news.

Placebo has asked fans not to use mobile phones at their shows.

Ahead of their latest UK tour, rock bank Placebo has asked fans not to take pictures or videos with their mobile phones at their concerts. They requested fans keep their smartphones in their pockets so they can be “present in the moment” and have a transcendent experience.

Le Dîner en Blanc secret location revealed

Le Dîner en Blanc revealed the secret location to be Russell Square, in the heart of Perth City. More than 1500 guests attended dressed in all white. Arriving with their own gourmet picnic, fine china and silverware, white table settings, and white tables and chairs. The dinner party kicked off at 4 pm, just one hour after guests were informed of the location. 

The largest feet on a living person

Tanya Herbert has the world’s largest feet on a living person. Her right foot measures 33.1 cm and her left foot measures 32.5 cm! She fits into a US women’s 18 or a men’s size 16-17. Tanya stands at 6 ft 9 in tall. Which is only three inches shorter than the world’s tallest woman.


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