Newsli: Mysterious Aircraft spotted at Area 51

Monday, February 7, 2022 1:18 pm
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Mysterious aircraft spotted at Area 51

Kirste, Dan and Producer Leon are back with another serving of Newsli!

Is this Australia’s most unlucky festival? Patrons paid $2 500 to attend Dream Machine held on Daydream Island in Queensland’s Whitsundays. The festival was initially postponed due to Covid, but monsoonal rain and deadly jellyfish meant people were cramped into cafes and hotel lobbies to watch the performing acts. “Did they not consider the jellyfish season at the time?” The organiser had zero complaints and dubbed the festival a success,  but social media comments said otherwise. “The lack in preparation was absurd.”

A mysterious air craft was spotted at Area 51. When satellite photos were reviewed a translucent tent with an unfamiliar plane was spotted.  A New Zealand family was hiking when they took their GoPro to film some parrots. One snatched the camera and proceeded to give an aerial view of the National Park. Fortunately, it was recovered by the family.

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