NEWSLI: Man breaks Guinness World Record for longest journey by pumpkin boat

31 August 2022

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Man breaks Guinness World Record for longest journey by pumpkin boat.

Duane Hansen paddled a 384 kg floating pumpkin for 61 km in the Missouri River. It took him a decade to grow the giant vegetable he named ‘Berta’ before hollowing it out so he could float it down the river.

A military site is up for auction, the perfect opportunity to own a small city!

K.I. Sawyer air force base located in Michigan is up for auction as a property. It was constructed shortly after the start of the Korean War in 1950. It includes a hospital, multiple dormitories, a bar, a restaurant, a post office and a movie theatre.

Picture: MaasCompanies

Queen Victoria’s XXL nightie was found during a house clear out.

Marilyn Rose stumbled upon a valuable item while clearing out her house. Among her many antique goods were a nightie and a pair of bloomers which she had valued by an auctioneer. They discovered the nightie once belonged to Queen Victoria, Britain’s longest servicing monarch. The bloomers belonged to her daughter, Princess Beatrice. These items are going up for auction in October and are expected to be sold for £4,000!

Image: Hansons / SWNS

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